We are a non-profit organisation based in Denmark, (EU). We are helping animals and people in Ukraine. But especially the animals! We were established in April 2022 in Medyka, Poland. Registered in Denmark. Fundrasing licensed by the Danish Ministry of Justice. We started as…



Ukraine is the home of more than 6 million dogs and cats. Thousands have ran away or been left behind because of war. The local animal shelters are packed way beyond their limits and thousands of animals are forced to live on the streets or in the woods.

There are currently NO centralised efforts to avoid this ongoing DISASTER! The Ukranian winter is long and cold. We have to do something! And we go to do it RIGHT NOW!


We work from certain principles in order to be as transparent and cost-effective as possible. We currently have 0% administration costs and never paid a penny in salary to anybody. 

We support existing volunteer networks in Ukraine. We believe, that the locals knows best, how to use the aid we provide.

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